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Linsey Raymaekers is a programmer, game developer and speaker focused on artistic expression and emotional storytelling in video games. With a background in Human-Computer Interaction, Game Studies, and her personal experience in poetry and music as forms of self-expression, she is driven to explore game development as a highly personal and artistic outlet.

Linsey started making video games during her programming studies through game jams and One Game A Month, and spent a year visiting game events across Europe while she completed her degree. Later she relocated to the vibrant city of Berlin and its lively game development scene, where she currently works as a games programmer at Honig Studios.

Game development

  • Tools: Unity3D / C#
  • Work projects: El Hijo (in-house, on-going), client prototypes
  • On-going collaboration: La Carga (a story-driven 2D platformer set in South America)
  • Personal games:
  • Portfolio: (outdated, mostly student work and game jams)

Speaking Engagements



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Installations & Game Exhibitions



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